Do you know what challenges and opportunities the energy transition represents?

Our Playbook takes you through the must-know, most important challenges and offers some solutions to those challenges.

Playbook For The Energy Transition

The Playbook deals with: 

  • How much renewable, clean energy we will need in the future
    The numbers are staggering, and the goal of net-zero emissions and affordable energy for everyone globally will be no small achievement.
  • The energy transition as a “wicked” problem
    A wicked problem that is next to impossible to solve, and so, it may seem, is the energy transition. 
  • Energy 4.0 and the smart grid
    The adoption of Industry 4.0 into the energy sector has been named Energy 4.0. It is driving the technological development of the energy transition and the transformation of the electricity grid into a smart grid driven by machine learning and big data. 
  • Storage is part of the future energy systems
    As renewable energy sources that are volatile by nature contribute to a more significant part of the energy mix, energy storage is becoming crucial for energy security and stabilizing the grid.
  • The role of management systems as part of the future of energy management.

  • Becoming part of the solution through choosing the solutions of the future. 


Download the Playbook For The Energy Transition here and read it today. 

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