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What are the successful Strategies for Industrial Digitalization?

Standards, Open Source, and Industrial App-stores.

Industrial digitalization is a hot and noisy landscape these days. This seminar cuts through that noise by addressing a few key strategic elements in industrial digitalization that will make the landscape clearer. The sessions are a combination of introductory sessions of the topics and some examples of successful strategies.

Webinar presenters:

  • Erik Jacques Wiborg
    PhD Turbine Specialist / Project Manager
  • Steve Aitken
    Consultant Director
    Intelligent Plant
  • Petter Graff
  • Robin Welch
    Business Development Director
    Prediktor AS
  • Magnus Bakken
    Senior Research Scientist
    Prediktor AS
  • Steffan Sørnes
    Leading Advisor Plant IT Architecture & Integration
    Equinor ASA
  • Espen Krogh
    Prediktor AS